Libeskind Towers Set To Rise In Busan

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Libeskind Towers Set To Rise In Busan

Post by Mr007 on Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:22 am

Libeskind Towers Set To Rise In Busan

Construction is underway on a set of new towers for the Korean city of Busan designed by architect Daniel Libeskind.

The project named Haewundae I'Park Marina, will consist of four skyscrapers ranging in height from 72 storeys to 34 storeys and two teeny buildings at 10 storeys and a meagre 3 storeys.

Simple in design the towers will have curved bodies wrapped in glass facades than in place of peaks and ego patting spires arc gracefully over the tops of the towers mimicking traditional Korean architecture.

Using pale coloured glazing that almost matches the colour of the water in the nearby ocean and marina, slight patterning is picked out by use of a slightly darker glaze in places.

The complex will be multi-use with the three tallest towers being purely residential. They will provide 1650 units for those rich enough to be able to afford the stunning views that the towers will provide. The fourth tower will host a luxury hotel while the other two will be offices and a sports facility.

Throughout the cluster will be tree-lined plazas giving plenty of outdoor space for the towers residents if they don�t fancy putting to sea for the day.

No doubt in a project as huge as this there will be the usual elements of fun added such as gyms and pools for residents and hotel dwellers, cafes and restaurants for business folk to grab a quick bite in between meetings and spas for a quickie foot massage before venturing forth for some hardcore shopping in the retail spaces no self respecting complex should ever be without.

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