New Plans For 100 City Road Revealed

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New Plans For 100 City Road Revealed

Post by Mr007 on Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:39 pm

New Plans For 100 City Road Revealed

Following on from the rejected plans by Squire + Partners for 100 City Road are these proposals from the pens designed by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (who else this week!) for developer Derwent London.

Standing next to Old Street roundabout, the development of the site sees the demolition of the existing buildings apart from 70 -74 City Road and 36-37 Featherstone Street, which will be restored, and the construction of four new buildings.

The scheme is led by Building A which is 16 floors including the 6 metre tall double height ground level. In a basic sense, it is a large slab block harking back to the sort of Sixties modernism that people are queuing up to demolish in other parts of London.

The façade will be clad in a mixture of floor to ceiling glazing with perforated or solid panels in between. The ratio of glass to solid cladding depends on the face of the building with the northern side having a greater amount of glazing than the southern side as it requires less solar shading.

Also included in the project is are buildings B and D that will have a London Brick exterior on Featherstone Street and City Road intended to look like traditional Victorian industrial units. Rounding off the collection of new builds will be Building F, a small residential building with a brick façade, deeply recessed balconies, and floor to ceiling windows.

Unfortunately the end result of the scheme seems to be something that whilst professional and corporate also lacks some of the elegance and soar of previous proposals. Whilst this might please the local campaigners who have tried to preserve the "village atmosphere" of Old Street roundabout, the project is hardly landmark architecture to stand out on London's skyline

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