Unique Fun Ride Approved For Shanghai Expo

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Unique Fun Ride Approved For Shanghai Expo

Post by Mr007 on Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:28 am

Unique Fun Ride Approved For Shanghai Expo

Approval has been given to what could become one of the best fairground attractions going.

2010 World Expo hosts Shanghai plan to turn a 165-meter chimney that was once part of an old power plant into an observation tower to demonstrate the Expo's planners' efforts show that the latest in advanced technology can successfully be intergrated with the city's historical landmarks.

The chimney, which is located at the eastern end of the Puxi side of the Expo Site, where the old Nanshi Power Plant was sited will be transformed into the 201-meter-tall World Expo Harmony Tower.

Looking like a helter skelter it will have tracks and cars very much like a roller coaster that will be able to carry 650 visitors per hour skywards to see breath taking views of the city's flourishing skyline.

The revamp of the century old plant which was closed in September 2007 is the idea of the Expo organisers and will form part of the Urban Best Practices Area where the latest ideas to improve modern city life will be showcased.

The Nanshi plant which produced a lot of pollution over its lifetime will no become a venue to show how electricity can be generated by utilizing wind, solar and tidal energy. The renovations of the old factories is unique as previous World Expos have traditionally built temporary Pavilions to showcase the latest ideas from around the world which obviously adds to pollution problems rather than helping to solve them.

Plans to turn 95,500 square meters of workshops and warehouses, or about 14 percent of the total area of the Expo Site, into exhibition halls or public activity centres has also been mentioned.

After the circus of the Expo leaves town the venues will be turned into museums to showcase both the history and the future of Shanghai's manufacturing abilities.

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