Pelli Designs Japans Tallest Skyscraper

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Pelli Designs Japans Tallest Skyscraper

Post by Mr007 on Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:21 am

Pelli Designs Japans Tallest Skyscraper

Proposals have been put forward for a new super tall skyscraper for the Japanese city of Osaka that if built will be the tallest skyscraper in the country and only eclipsed by Tokyo Sky Tree observation tower.

The design comes from the drawing boards of Cesar Pelli and Associates and will if built reach a height of 300 metres with 59 floors above ground, 5 basement floors and 210,000 square metres of internal space.

Named the Abenobashi Terminal Building Tower the tower is for the Kintetsu Group who operate some of Japan's famous bullet trains and also dabble in the real estate market, particularly in and around railway stations.

The tower despite its size goes for a rather conservative stepped look rather than something overly grand and because of this blends in nicely with the existing buildings of the city. Constructed from concrete, the tower is a series of stepped parts wrapped in clear glazing.

On each of the roofs created by the steps large sky gardens feature giving workers and visitors to the tower plenty of spaces to go and relax in, on various floors atriums also feature.

Due to its mixed-use nature, parts of the tower will feature balconies breaking up its facades and giving the tower texture.

The tower if approved will house a hotel which will no doubt feature the usual elements of fun like spas and gyms for its patrons, a museum, observation areas which will offer stunning views of the city, premier grade office space, the all important retail space and also a railway station, no one can accuse the developers of not making maximum use of space within this tower.

Still awaiting approval, if given the go ahead the tower could be completed by 2014.

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